Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights

“Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights”,  Hues TV’s most adored show Bigg Boss 11 finished on Sunday. While Puneesh Sharma was the main finalist to be disposed of, Akshay Kumar removed Vikas Gupta. Everything came down to Hina Khan and Shlipa Shinde. After a strained couple of minutes, Bigg Boss 11 have Salman Khan declared Shilpa Shinde as the champ of Bigg Boss 11. Shilpa brought home Rs 44 lakh and the Bigg Boss 11 trophy. In the finale scene, we additionally observed Akshay Kumar advancing his up and coming film PadMan. Arshi Khan, Hiten Tejwani, Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi and numerous others were seen voicing their supposition on who should win BB11 and a couple of candidates engaged with their demonstrations.


Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights
Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights

finale of Bigg Boss 11 Highlights:


Salman Khan disappears from the gathering of people with a guarantee to meet them again following eight months.


Salman Khan hands over the victor’s trophy to Shilpa. Hina Khan winds up as the primary sprinter up and she unmistakably looks annoy.


Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights
Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights


Going by the aggregate number of votes, it is Shilpa Shinde who has won the show.


Salman Khan has returned from the break to report the champ of Bigg Boss 11. Will it be Hina Khan or Shilpa Shinde?


Salman Khan develops the strain around the name of the victor.


Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights, Voting lines are presently shut. Salman asked Hina and Shilpa what is their opinion about the adoration they got amid their stay inside the house. He asks Hina’s mom what does she feel whether her little girl will win or not and she says Hina will win. Shilpa’s mom says she will be content with whoever will win the show. The ex-hopefuls bolster Shilpa more.


Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights
Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights


Bigg Boss now advises Hina and Shilpa to leave the house in the wake of turning off the lights and wishes them fortunes for their life outside the Bigg Boss 11 house.


Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights, Salman takes the gathering of people back inside the house to acquaint them with the two finalists Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. Bigg Boss makes both Hina and Shilpa nostalgic as he talks about what great and awful they did amid their stay inside the house.


Salman portrays the adventure of Hina Khan and says she never wore a dress twice in the house. Hina Khan performs with Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi.


Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights
Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights


Vikas goes ahead the stage and says he needed to leave the house now. On being asked by Akshay who does he supposes should win the show, Vikas takes Shilpa’s name as she has played the amusement wonderfully. Salman prods Vikas with Shilpa’s name. It’s the ideal opportunity for Akshay to disappear from Salman Khan.


Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights, Akshay goes out with Vikas Gupta. Shilpa says goodbye to Vikas by saying, “Gupta Ji tussi na jao.” Salman now tells the group of onlookers the live voting will be for Hina and Shilpa and reports the voting lines open for them two.


Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights, Hina, Shilpa and Vikas talk about their excursion inside the house for the last time. Presently Akshay presses the catch put before Hina Khan. In any case, her model doesn’t explode and she turns into the first to enter the main two. Next, he presses the catch before Vikas and his likeness explodes which implies he is expelled and Shilpa is the following in the best two finalists.


Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights
Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights


Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights, Akshay Kumar goes into the house to remove the following contender for the champ’s trophy. He cooperates with the three finalists and reveals to them how prevalent they are in the outside world. He tells Vikas, Hina and Shilpa that whosoever’s likeness will consume on squeezing the catch set before them will be removed from the race of the victor of Bigg Boss 11.


Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights, Before Akshay Kumar goes into the house, Salman indicates Shilpa and Vikas’ story in a melodic execution where them two moves on the tune. “Mai Teri Dushman, Dushman Tu Mera”, “Passionate Atyachaar” and other prevalent melodies.


Akshay gets into his character of PadMan and shows individuals how to make a sterile cushion.


10:41 pm: Akshay acquaints the watchers with the account of his up and coming discharge PadMan. He portrays the narrative of Arunachalam Muruganantham who acquainted a straightforward machine with make modest clean napkins.


Sapna Choudhary asks for Salman and Akshay to hit the dance floor with her on Mujhse Shaadi Karogi title track. The two on-screen characters concur and the trio give an excellent execution.


Akshay’s next prop is a boxer and Akshay calls Akash Dadlani to take it. Akash powerfully embraces Salman Khan. Akash wears the boxer on his jeans and Salman makes faces as Akash again embraces him.


Salman tends to Akshay as a superhuman who has come to advance PadMan. Salman plays an errand with Akshay where he needs to perform based on the props given to him. The primary prop is a bike. Salman calls Dhinchak Pooja on the phase to perform on her tune “Bike” alongside him and Akshay while riding on a bike. Salman requests that Dhinchak sing another tune “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj”. Akshay appreciates as Dhinchak Pooja sings. She goes ahead to sing “Afreen Toh Bewafa Hai” once more.


Salman Khan invites PadMan performing artist Akshay Kumar in front of an audience. Both the performers enter the phase on bikes.


The cast of the Belan Vali Bahu now comes to meet Salman and advance their show. Krystle D’Souza reproduces the well known scene from the film Dabangg which says “Thappad Se Dar Nahi Lagta Belan Se Lagta Hai.”


Salman now welcomes the cast of Belan Vali Bahu, the new TV show of channel Colors. The cast goes into the house and meets the finalists. Krystle D’Souza enlightens Vikas to talk regarding terrible characteristics of Hina and Shilpa. Hina additionally says that Vikas has a propensity for feeling terrible about each and everything.


Hiten joins Arshi in her execution and them two shake a leg on a melody from the film Shootout At Wadala. At last, Hiten inclinations Bigg Boss to spare him from Arshi.


Salman Khan has returned to the Bigg Boss 11 phase and he discusses the battles of Hiten and Arshi. Hiten reveals to Arshi that Arshi came so far in the diversion as a result of him and she never opened her eyes to the way that he was not inspired by her. Arshi says that she will settle her name amongst Hiten and Gauri. Every last bit of it occurs in geniality. Salman says the world will recall the romantic tale of Hiten and Arshi and furthermore of Puneesh and Bandgi. Next, we see Puneesh and Bandgi performing on “Tip Barsa Paani.” Arshi Khan performs on “Laila Main Laila” from the film Raees.


Diljeet Dosanjh acclaims the competitors of Rising Star as they get 94% votes in favor of their execution. Monali Thakur and Shankar Mahadevan concur with the Punjabi hotshot. Salman Khan likewise lauds the singing ability of the contenders.


Salman Khan demonstrates the secret of Rising Star and says he will register with vote in favor of the hopefuls of the show. The primary part of hopefuls of the show execute as India registers with vote in favor of them.


Diljeet Dosanjh, Shankar Mahadevan and Monali Thakur discuss Rising Star. Salman acclaims Diljeet for his melody “Do You Know” and Diljeet expresses gratitude toward him by singing the tune for him.


It’s an ideal opportunity to advance Colors’ most recent reality demonstrate Rising Star. Ravi Dubey will’s identity facilitating the singing reality demonstrate demands Salman to advance the show. The watchers are demonstrated the minute when Salman advanced Rising Star while facilitating Weekend Ka Vaar.


Salman now declares the discharge date of Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial Padmaavat featuring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. He demonstrates the trailer for the film with the changed title.


Salman makes anticipation on who ought to be removed first from the house. He discloses to them that a relative of one of the four finalists will go into the house and bring the one out who has got least votes. Salman says this is the minute when no one needs their relative inside the house. It is Puneesh’s mom who goes into the house which implies Puneesh is expelled. Salman says he is out from the race of being in the main two finalists.


Salman again attacks Akash Dadlani as he says God has made the best decision. Salman now presents the satchel which is lying there in the garden zone. He asks Hina what does she think about it since she continues guaranteeing she knows everything about the amusement. Salman uncovers that attaché has only the votes which Luv tallied wrong and later uncovers he is simply kidding about it.


Akash is asked who will exit first and will’s identity in the main two contenders. He says Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde will the main two finalists. Salman asks the four finalists who should leave the house to begin with, Vikas says they are nobody to choose as each of the four should win similarly and on being goaded further, he says Puneesh may go. Shilpa says she needs Hina to be out as she is a contender. Puneesh takes Vikas’ name and Hina likewise figures Puneesh will be removed from the house first.


Akash Dadlani performs for the watchers. He sings a rap which goes like, “Yeh Bigg Boss Ka Ghar Hai..”.


Salman requests that Dhinchak Pooja sing and she sings her melody “Afreen Toh Bewafaa Hai” and afterward Salman requests that her supplant Afreen with Arshi and afterward sing. All are seen roaring with laughter as Dhinchak Pooja sang. Next, Priyank bolsters Vikas and Salman prods Hina by singing, “Priyank toh bewafaa hai.” Luv is aksed whose votes will he get a kick out of the chance to change and he says since Hina is a companion, he needs her to win yet odds of Shilpa winning are more.


The finalists are eager to meet the expelled competitors. Hiten Tejwani says he would have loved it on the off chance that he would have been sitting at Puneesh’s place. Puneesh answers by saying that Hiten has constantly detested him. Arshi takes it ahead by saying that either Hiten, Arshi, Sapna or Akash ought to have been at Puneesh’s place.


Shilpa expresses gratitude toward her fans for voting in favor of her even subsequent to being a terrible artist and on Salman’s request by and by sings the Lohri melody for the watchers.


Vikas says Shilpa has changed a great deal in the 104 days inside the house. She knows how to handle troublesome circumstances better. At the point when Salman asks how Vikas has transformed, she says that he has begun understanding her and has additionally got more develop. Salman inquires as to whether she needs to sing for the watchers and she sings, “Yun Hi Kat Jaayega Safar.”


Hina Khan discusses her trip in the house with Salman and says she is thankful that she came so far in the diversion. Salman additionally discloses to Vikas that ‘Gupta Ji’ has turned into an easily recognized name now. Vikas reveals to Salman that he prefers composing and he will compose all the more great substance in the wake of turning out. Presently Puneesh says that he is sitting tight for the cash pack so he can leave at any rate with the cash if not the title of the victor. Salman gives a look at the victor trophy.


Salman Khan meets all the four finalists. He compliments every one of them and says with the exception of Akash everybody is looking extraordinary. He tells the finalists that they will be overpowered with the affection they will get when they will leave the house. Shilpa Shinde is told about her prominence as Salman reveals to her that the brotherhood which prohibited her from acting in TV shows will be compelled to cast her in view of the affection for her fans.


The finalists are demonstrated the big names who are supporting them. In the wake of hearing them all, it appears it is just Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde who everybody is pulling for.


Salman takes the watchers inside the house, where Bigg Boss is heard conversing with the four finalists Hina, Shilpa, Vikas and Puneesh. Bigg Boss gives a record of the trip of the show and reveals to them that their adventure has turned into a past at this point. He makes them enthusiastic by saying that the house where they burned through three months will be left void without them. He at that point requests that they commend their win and raise a toast for coming till the finale of the show.


Luv is asked what number of votes did he really get in the live voting assignment in which he was expelled from the house. He acknowledges he may have given the wrong number of votes on account of anxiety. Akash is inquired as to whether he is feeling awful about missing the trophy by an inch.


Salman advises Akash to be cautious of what he says as there are kids in the group of onlookers. He jokes about hitting Akash as he isn’t even in the house now. Salman asks removed contenders whom they are supporting. Bandgi is supporting Puneesh and afterward Vikas and Shilpa, Priyank needs either Vikas or Hina to win and Benafsha whom Salman addresses as “Priyank Ki Behen” needs Shilpa to win.


Dabangg Khan takes a correspond at Akash Dadlani and inquires as to whether he got a decent beating from his mom when he returned home. Salman says this season gave watchers a few catchphrases like #KhelGaye. Presently he gives each account of Bigg Boss 11 house a title of his film, Puneesh and Bandgi’s romantic tale gets the title of Maine Pyar Kiya and Hina, Priyank and Luv get the title Bodyguard where Priyank and Luv act like Hina’s protector.


Salman reclaims the gathering of people to October 1 when the show debuted. He says the votes are as yet being tallied and soon the victor will be declared. Salman thank the watchers for making the demonstrate a win. The other shock comes when he reports that the fans will get the chance to vote in favor of their most loved challenger once more in the live voting.


All the four finalists join Salman in the execution and pause dramatically with the host of the show. Salman now enters the stage and gets an overwhelming applause from the removed contenders of the show. Salman starts by wishing the watchers a Happy Lohri, Makarsakranti and Pongal.


Hina Khan joins Salman. Next is Vikas Gupta. Shilpa and Puneesh take after as Salman presents them with the discoursed of his superhit motion pictures.


Salman Khan enters the phase in his patent style as he echoes his discourse, ‘Keep in mind I, Me and Myself.’ He performs on Tiger Zinda Hai tune “Swag se Swagat.”


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Angoori Bhabi Shilpa Shinde is Bigg Boss 11 winner Check for Highlights

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